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Catechetical Leaders

Catechetical Leaders & Catechetical Formation

Initial Catechist Certification
It is the responsibility of the Parish Director or Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry to encour-age all catechists in a parish catechetical pro-gram to become certified. The process to obtain certification and receive the California Catechist certificate is as follows: read more...
Specialization Course

Master Catechist Certification
While there is no specific length of study required to obtain a Master Catechist Certificate, the Bishop and/or his catechetical staff shall develop specific, professional criteria and timelines for awarding a Master Catechist Certificate. Completion of these criteria will be determined by means of:
  1. A review of the candidate's application for the Master Catechist Certification.
  2. An interview of the candidates
  3. A review of the candidate's continuing education and formation.
  4. A self-evaluation conducted by the candidate.
Master Catechists, as extensions of the teaching office of the Bishop, are selected and commissioned by the Bishop to:
  1. Provide the specific formation and courses of studies required by the diocese for catechists to obtain or renew a California Catechist Certificate.
  2. Provide workshops and in-services for the continued growth and formation of catechists.
  3. Build a core group of adults in each diocese who will exercise catechetical leadership. 

Certificacion inicial de Catequesis
Es responsabilidad del Director o Coordinador del Ministerio Catequético en la parroquia, alentar para que todos los catequistas en el programa de catequesis de la parroquia sean certificados. El proceso para obtener la certificación y recibir el certificado para catequista en el Estado de California es el siguiente: leer más...

Certificacion para Maestro de Catequesis