Initial Catechist Certification Cont.

  • Thorough the Ministry Formation Institute (MFI) attend the Parish Minister Formation Program (PMFP) which consists of the fol-lowing courses (Please contact the Ministry Formation Institute for a schedule of these courses at (909) 475-5375):
    • Beginning the Journey
    • Called to Be Disciples
    • Experience of God
    • Jesus
    • Church
    • Called to Serve
  • Complete the Catechist Specialization
  • Be observed teaching a catechetical session by a certified Master Catechist (or designat-ed representative of the OCM)
  • Complete the application for Initial Certification 
  • The Director/Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry reviews paperwork, assures that the required signatures have been obtained, and submits the documentation to the OCM for review and approval. 
  • California State Catechist Certificate and diocesan PMFP certificate are issued
**Please note: After completion of all of the requirements above, a seal on the PMFP certificate and a California Catechist Certificate will be granted.

Recertification Process for Catechists

The California Catechist Certification expires in no less than three (3) years and no more than four (4) years after the date of issue.

Over the course of three years the catechist must accumulate 30 hours of ongoing formation in the areas of:
  • Methodology (10 hrs) 
  • Spirituality (10 hrs) 
  • Theology (10 hrs)
These hours can be acquired by attending the Religious Education Congress in An-aheim, Vicariate Catechist Days, Vicariate and Diocesan workshops/retreats, National and Regional conferences/workshops and the annual Theology Symposium sponsored by the MFI.

The catechist must demonstrate on-going catechetical formation in accordance with diocesan requirements.
Parish catechist certification records are also maintained by the diocesan Office of Catechetical Ministry.

(It is the responsibility of the catechist to keep record of their ongoing formation for the 3 year period leading to certification expiration. It is also strongly recommended that the Director/Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry maintain a file for each of the cat-echists in the parish)

As the time of expiration nears the catechist must apply for recertification using the form available on the OCM website or obtain a copy of the appropriate form from the parish director/coordinator of catechetical ministry.

If the catechist applies for certification renewal after the fourth year of issuance, the catechist must again be observed by
a Master Catechist (or designated representative of the OCM) giving a session to children or adults in the parish. This observation is to be arranged by the parish director/ coordinator of catechetical ministry. The observation form may also be found on the OCM website.

In addition, the catechist must retake the specialization course taken for initial certification.