Master Catechist

  1. Current California Catechist certificate
  2. Completion of the course application form signed/approved by the Pastor/Pastoral Coordinator/Pastoral Administrator
  3. Be a graduate or currently enrolled in the Coordinator of Ministry Formation Program (CMFP)
  4. An interview with the Director of the Office of Catechetical Ministry or designated representative.
Expiration and Renewal
This certificate expires in no less than three (3) and no more than four (4) years after the date of issue. To renew this certificate, the Master Catechist must demonstrate on-going professional growth based upon his/her previous and current evaluations and serve as an instructor in the basic Catechist formation program. Statewide Recognition of Certification: The Bishops of California recognize the competency of each diocesan catechist and master catechist program base on these guidelines. An authorized California certified catechist or master catechist who moves from one diocese ot anothe should participate in the local formation programs for the following reasons:
  • By participating in the local programs, the catechist becomes part of that catechetical community.
  • The catechist becomes acquainted with the scope and direction of each program as designed to meet the particular needs of that diocese.
  • Diocesan staff can become acquainted with the person and the competencies of the catechist or master catechist.
Qualifications of a Master Catechist
In addition to the "Personal Qualities of a Catechist", the Master Catechist should have the following:
  • A current California Catechist Certificate.
  • Proven expertise and recent experience in catechetical ministry at various age levels.
  • An ability to communicate and work effectively with adult learners in a formation setting.
  • The personal recommendation of the candidate's pastor or other qualified person.
  • Evidence of on-going education in Theology, Catechesis and Spiritual Development in light of Vatican II and post-conciliar documents.
  • Evidence of the ability to work in multi-cultural situations.
  • An understanding of the purpose of the Master Catechist and a willingness to serve as such when certified.
  • An ability to study at an advanced level.
Requisito Previo
  1. Un certificado de catequista por el estado de      California al día
  2. Completar la aplicación para el curso, obteniendo la firma/aprobación de su párroco/coordinador pastoral/administrador pastoral.
  3. Ser un graduado o estar actualmente inscrito en el      Programa de Coordinadores del Instituto de      Formación en los Ministerios (CMFP).
  4. Una entrevista con la directora de la Oficina par El Ministerio de Catequesis. 
Catechetical Ministry,
Feb 16, 2017, 4:30 PM
Catechetical Ministry,
Feb 16, 2017, 4:30 PM